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10 pompoms projects for the weekend.

Get plenty of yarn, grab a dvd (or more), a pair of scissors, and you are ready to start making pompoms! Careful, it is highly addictive! Here is a selection of pompoms projects I have seen everywhere on the Internet, and that I promised myself I would do some day (and some that I have made already)

If you have other ideas, or if you tried some of these projects, please please please send me some photos.

…There you go, you could make : alphabet pompoms (1), a pompoms wall hang (2), a tufted wool wreath (3), a pompom rug (4), pompoms chairs, rugs & poufs (5), some pompom napkin rings (6) (made that for Christmas), branch weaving (7), pompoms bookmarks (8) (done those ones too), animal pompons (9) (if you dare!), a pompom mobile (10) (so cute).

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