Easter baking ideas

Do you already know what you are going to bake for Easter?

Here are some cute Easter inspired cakes I have seen on the Internet lately; I can’t decide which one’s I am going to be making! I keep changing my mind. I might take a week off and spend it cooking…

If you are into bunnies, you could make this chocolate marbled cake (1), or those cute and easy biscuits (2).

I personally have a thing for all those treats in the shapes of carrots; a chocolate cake with a carrot that will appear only when you slice it (3), a layer cake with lots of cute carrots on top (4) or if you want to push it even further, those gorgeous surprise carrot cupcakes (5)

I can’t wait to get baking!

Let me know what you will be cooking for Easter here in the comments or on my Twitter.

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