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Welcome to Angry Pixie's new blog!

Hello! Welcome to Angry Pixie's blog. I am Livia, aka Angry Pixie, a French young woman from Paris who moved to Leicester 6 years ago. I am ceramicist and I make unique handmade jewelry and vessels.

I want to share with you my passion for ceramics, but also for all sorts of crafts, arts and DIY.

In this blog you will be able to find posts about inspiring artists and makers, techniques and skills in the area of ceramics that I find interesting and inspiring. You will also be able to find some cool DIYs to keep your hands busy during those long winter nights. I'll also be posting about arts and crafts exhibitions and events, along with info and news about Angry Pixie.

I hope you are going to enjoy reading me as much as I will enjoy blogging, and you are more than welcome to leave me some feedbacks and comments. You can also contact me privately by clicking here if you wish to.

#crafts #ceramics #diy #handmade #jewelry #vessels

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